Aswad - Don't Turn Around

Aswad – Don’t Turn Around

“Don’t Turn Around” is a song originally written by Albert Hammond and Diane Warren. It was first recorded by Tina Turner in 1986 as the B-side to her single “Typical Male”. However, the song is often associated with the British reggae band Aswad that released their cover on February 10, 19888 as a first single from their album “Distant Thunder.” Aswad’s rendition of “Don’t Turn Around” is characterized by its reggae-pop sound, featuring a smooth reggae rhythm, soulful vocals, and a memorable melody. The band’s version captures a sense of heartfelt emotion and romantic longing.

Aswad - Don't Turn Around - single cover
Aswad’s version of “Don’t Turn Around” achieved commercial success topping the singles chart in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. It became the band’s most well-known hits and helped them gain recognition in the pop music scene.

The song’s blend of reggae and pop elements, along with its emotional lyrics, resonated with audiences, and it remains a classic in Aswad’s discography. It’s often celebrated for its smooth and soulful interpretation of the original song.

In 1993, Swedish pop group Ace of Base recorded their version of “Don’t Turn Around” for their US debut album, The Sign (1993).

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