Madonna - Papa Don't Preach

Madonna – Papa Don’t Preach

“Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna is a song released on June 11, 1986 with “Pretender” on the B-side as the second single from her third studio album, “True Blue.” The song was written by Madonna and Brian Elliot. The song is characterized by its upbeat and pop-oriented sound, featuring Madonna’s distinctive vocals and a catchy melody.


Madonna - Papa Don't Preach - single cover

The lyrics of “Papa Don’t Preach” tell the story of a young woman who is in love and becomes pregnant. She has a heartfelt conversation with her father, explaining her situation and expressing her determination to keep her baby. The song explores themes of love, family, and the challenges of making difficult decisions.

Upon its release, “Papa Don’t Preach” was both commercially successful and controversial. It topped the music charts in multiple countries, including the United States, the UK or Australia, and became one of Madonna’s signature hits. The song’s catchy melody and Madonna’s assertive vocal delivery resonated with audiences.


The music video for “Papa Don’t Preach” was directed by James Foley. It was shot on location over three days in May 1986 in Staten Island, New York and Manhattan

Overall, “Papa Don’t Preach” is celebrated as a classic of 1980s pop music and is often considered one of Madonna’s standout tracks. It showcases her ability to address socially relevant themes through her music while maintaining her signature style and catchy sound.

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