Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy

Billy Idol – Flesh For Fantasy

“Flesh for Fantasy” is a song written by British rock musician Billy Idol and American guitarist Steve Stevens. It was released in August 1984 with “Blue Highway” on the B-side as a third single from his second album “Rebel Yell.” The track combines elements of rock, new wave, and dance music, characteristic of Idol’s style during the 1980s.


Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy - single cover

Lyrically, “Flesh for Fantasy” explores themes of desire, sensuality, and the allure of fantasy in relationships. The song delves into the complexities of romantic attraction and the yearning for deeper connections (“There’s a change in pace of fantasy and taste / Do you like the sin?”). The title itself juxtaposes the desire for physical intimacy with the imaginative and illusory aspects of fantasy.


Musically, the song features a pulsating rhythm, driven by synthesizers and a prominent guitar riff. Idol’s raspy vocals add to the song’s edgy and seductive feel, creating a blend of rock and dance elements.

“Flesh for Fantasy” achieved moderate success on music charts, becoming a popular track for Idol but not reaching the same heights as some of his other hits like “Eyes Without” Nonetheless, it remains a notable and recognizable part of Billy Idol’s discography, reflecting his fusion of rock and new wave styles during the 1980s.

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