Rod Stewart - Baby Jane

Rod Stewart – Baby Jane

“Baby Jane” is a song written by British rock singer Rod Stewart and Jay Davis. It was released on May 27, 1983 with “Ready Now” on the B-side as the lead single from Stewart’s twelfth studio album “Body Wishes.” The song is characterized by its upbeat tempo, catchy melody, and Rod Stewart’s signature raspy vocals.

Rod Stewart - Baby Jane - single cover

Lyrically, “Baby Jane” tells the story of a woman named Jane and her tumultuous relationship with someone who appears to have a superficial interest in her. The lyrics describe the protagonist’s mixed feelings about Jane and the complexities of their relationship.


“Baby Jane” was a commercial success, topping the singles charts in the UK, Germany, and South Africa. It showcased Stewart’s ability to deliver catchy rock-pop tunes and continued his success as a solo artist in the 1980s.

The song’s memorable chorus and infectious melody contributed to its popularity and made it a notable part of Rod Stewart’s discography from that period.

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