Kim Wilde - Kids In America

Kim Wilde – Kids In America

“Kids in America” is a new wave and synth-pop song by British singer Kim Wilde. It was released on January 26, 1981 as her debut single and became a significant hit. In June, the song was included on her self-titled debut album.

Kim Wilde - Kids In America - single cover

The song is characterized by its catchy melody, energetic rhythm, and youthful, rebellious lyrics. It captures the essence of the teenage experience and the feeling of youth culture in America. The song’s lyrics depict the carefree attitude and lifestyle of young people living in the United States.


“Kids in America” was a massive success, reaching high chart positions in numerous countries, including the UK, where it peaked at number two. It remains one of Kim Wilde’s most well-known and beloved songs, often associated with the energetic and vibrant music of the early 1980s.

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