Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere

Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere

“Road to Nowhere” is a song by the American rock band Talking Heads. It was written by David Byrne. It was released in June 1985 (September in the UK) as a second single with “Television Man” on the B-side from their sixth album “Little Creatures.” The song is characterized by its upbeat and quirky sound, and it’s one of Talking Heads’ most recognizable and enduring hits. “Road to Nowhere” became a commercial success, reaching high positions on music charts in multiple countries, including #6 in the UK. Its catchy melody, quirky lyrics, and the band’s unique style resonated with audiences.


Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere - Single Cover

“Road to Nowhere” is driven by a lively rhythm, featuring acoustic guitars, playful vocal harmonies, and the distinctive vocals of lead singer David Byrne. The song’s production captures a sense of joy and exuberance. The lyrics of “Road to Nowhere” convey themes of journey, self-discovery, and embracing life’s uncertainties. It’s often interpreted as a celebration of the unpredictable nature of existence and the idea that the destination may not always be clear.

The video for the song was directed by David Byrne and American director Stephen R. Johnson. It features the band and various objects revolving, including boxes revolving around David Byrne’s head

The song remains a classic of 1980s rock music and is often celebrated for its joyful and upbeat atmosphere. “Road to Nowhere” is considered one of Talking Heads’ signature tracks and a beloved hit in their discography.

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