Pet Shop Boys - Heart

Pet Shop Boys – Heart

“Heart” is a song by the English synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys. It was released on March 21, 1988 with “I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)” on the B-side as the fourth and final single from their second studio album, “Actually.” The song is one of Pet Shop Boys’ most recognizable hits and is celebrated for its catchy and danceable synth-pop sound.

Pet Shop Boys - Heart - single cover

“Heart” is characterized by its pulsating synthesizers, infectious melody, and the distinctive vocals of Neil Tennant. The song’s production captures the electronic and dance-pop sound of the late 1980s, creating a song that’s both melodic and dancefloor-friendly. The lyrics of “Heart” convey themes of longing and desire. The song’s narrator expresses a deep yearning for someone’s love and affection: The chorus, with its memorable refrain, adds to the song’s catchy and energetic quality.

The music video was directed by Jack Bond. It is based on the 1922 film Nosferatu. The video opens with Tennant and his bride (played by Croatian actress and model Daniela Čolić Prižmić) being driven to a castle with Chris Lowe as his chauffeur.

“Heart” was a commercial success, reaching number on on the music charts in various countries, including the UK and Germany. The song’s fusion of pop and electronic elements, combined with its catchy melody, contributed to its acclaim. “Heart” remains a beloved track in Pet Shop Boys’ discography and an iconic song from the 1980s.


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