Phil Collins - Separate Lives

Phil Collins – Separate Lives

“Separate Lives” is a song performed by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin. The song was written by Amerian singer-songwriter, actor, and guitarist Stephen Bishop. It was released in September 1985 as a single from the soundtrack of the Taylor Hackford’s film “White Nights” (starring Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gregory Hines). The song is a poignant ballad that explores themes of love, separation, and the emotional distance that can sometimes exist in a relationship.


Phil Collins - Separate Lives - single cover

“Separate Lives” is characterized by its heartfelt and emotional vocal performances by both Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin. The song features a gentle melody, soft piano accompaniment, and subtle orchestration, which combine to create a sense of intimacy and vulnerability. The lyrics of “Separate Lives” tell the story of a couple who are physically together but emotionally distant, leading separate lives despite being in the same place. They express a sense of longing and the desire to bridge the emotional gap.

“Separate Lives” received critical acclaim for its heartfelt lyrics and the vocal chemistry between Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin. It became a commercial success, topping the singles charts in several countries, including the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. In the UK, the single peaked at #4

The music was directed by Jim Yukich. It features Mariln Martin and Phil Collins singing and playing the piano, intercut with scenes from the “White Nights”.

The song is often remembered as one of the standout ballads of the 1980s and is appreciated for its emotional resonance and the vocal performances of both artists.

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