Pat Benatar - All Fired Up

Pat Benatar – All Fired Up

All Fired Up” is a song written by Kerryn Tolhurst and first performed and released by Australian country rock group Rattling Sabres in 1987. Benatar’s version was released on June 17, 1988 with “Cool Zero” on the B-side as the lead single from her seventh album “Wide Awake in Dreamland.”

Pat Benatar - All Fired Up  - single cover

The song is known for its energetic and anthemic rock sound. It features powerful guitar riffs and showcases Benatar’s strong and dynamic vocals. The song’s lyrics convey themes of determination, empowerment, and the desire to face challenges with a fiery and passionate spirit.


The song received substantial radio airplay, both upon its release and in the years that followed. Its catchy and anthemic rock sound made it a favorite on rock and pop radio stations. The single reached #2 in Australia, and on Billboard Mainstream Rock chart in the United States.

“All Fired Up” remains one of Pat Benatar’s signature songs and is often featured in retrospectives of her career. Its motivational and empowering lyrics, along with its energetic rock sound, have contributed to its lasting appeal.

Pat Benatar – All Fired Up – Lyrics