Duran Duran - A View To A Kill

Duran Duran – A View To A Kill

“A View to a Kill” is a song by the British band Duran Duran, released in May 1985 as the theme song for the James Bond film of the same name. It was the fourteenth official installment in the James Bond film series, with Roger Moore portraying James Bond. Upon its release, “A View to a Kill” achieved significant commercial success. It remains the only James Bond theme song to have reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100; it also made it to number two for three weeks on the UK Singles Chart while stuck behind Paul Hardcastle’s “19”.


The song was written by Duran Duran, including Simon Le Bon (lead vocals), Nick Rhodes (keyboards), John Taylor (bass guitar), Andy Taylor (guitar) and Roger Taylor (drums), and John Barry, who had previously collaborated on the Bond theme “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.


The song’s popularity was further boosted by its stylish and visually stunning music video, featuring scenes inspired by the Bond film and Duran Duran’s performance against a backdrop of action and intrigue. The music video for “A View to a Kill” was directed by Russell Mulcahy, who had also directed the videos for several other Duran Duran songs. The video features the band performing the song in a variety of locations, including a rooftop, a train, and a helicopter. The video also features some scenes from the James Bond film.

“A View to a Kill” was a commercial success, reaching number one in the United States and number two in the United Kingdom. The song was also a critical success, with many critics praising the song’s catchy melody and driving beat. “A View to a Kill” is a classic Duran Duran song that is sure to please fans of the band and of the James Bond franchise. “A View to a Kill” remains one of Duran Duran’s most recognizable and enduring songs. Its association with the iconic James Bond franchise, combined with the band’s unique blend of pop sensibilities and new wave flair, has solidified its status as a classic in both the Duran Duran catalog and the broader pop music landscape.

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