Laura Branigan - Gloria

Laura Branigan – Gloria

“Gloria” is a song written by Umberto Tozzi and Giancarlo Bigazzi, and afterwards translated to English by Jonathan King. The song was first released in June 1979 by Umberto Tozzi and became a big hit, reaching #1 on the singlescharts in Spand and Italy. Laura Branigan released her English-language version of “Gloria” in June 1982 with “I Wish We Could Be Alone” on the B-side as the second single from her debut album “Branigan.” Her rendition of the song is perhaps the most famous version and is often associated with her career.

Laura Branigan - Gloria - single cover


Laura Branigan’s version of “Gloria” is characterized by its energetic and anthemic sound, featuring powerful vocals and a catchy melody. The song’s production combines elements of pop and rock, creating a dynamic and danceable atmosphere. The lyrics of “Gloria” revolve around themes of desire and infatuation, with the narrator expressing her attraction and longing for someone named Gloria. The song was shown in the movie Flashdance, but was not included on the movie’s soundtrack.


Laura Branigan’s version of “Gloria” was a commercial success, topping the music charts in Australia and Canada. In the United States, “Gloria” peaked at #2. It became one of her signature songs and helped establish her as a prominent artist in the early 1980s.

Overall, “Gloria” remains a classic of 1980s pop music, appreciated for its catchy melody and Laura Branigan’s powerful vocal performance.

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