Belinda Carlisle – Circle In The Sand

“Circle in the Sand” is a song by American singer Belinda Carlisle. It was released in 1988 as a single from her second solo album, “Heaven on Earth.” The song is one of Belinda Carlisle’s most well-known hits and is recognized for its catchy pop sound and memorable chorus. “Circle in the Sand” achieved commercial success, becoming one of Belinda Carlisle’s highest-charting singles. It reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States and performed well in international charts as well.

Belinda Carlisle - Circle In The Sand - Single Cover

“Circle in the Sand” features a melodic and upbeat pop-rock style that was popular in the 1980s. The song’s production includes a blend of acoustic and electronic elements, creating a bright and lively atmosphere. Belinda Carlisle’s distinctive and emotive vocals add to the song’s appeal.

The music video for the song was directed by English director Peter Care in Half Moon Bay, California. It features Carlisle on a beach, in keeping with the song’s lyrical themes. The video’s imagery and Carlisle’s presence add to the song’s nostalgic and romantic atmosphere. The song remains a popular and fondly remembered track from the 1980s pop music scene. Its catchy melody and relatable lyrics have contributed to its lasting appeal, making it a notable part of Belinda Carlisle’s music legacy.

Belinda Carlisle – Circle In The Sand – Lyrics