The Motels - Suddenly Last Summer

The Motels – Suddenly Last Summer

“Suddenly Last Summer” is a song by the American new wave band The Motels. The song was written by the band’s lead singer, Martha Davis. “Suddenly Last Summer” features a blend of rock and new wave elements, characterized by its atmospheric synth lines, rhythmic guitar work, and Martha Davis’s emotive vocals. The song’s production captures a sense of nostalgia and reflection. It was released in August 1983 with “Some Things Never Change” on the B-side as a lead single from their fourth studio album “Little Robbers.” The song is known for its melodic and moody pop-rock sound, as well as the distinctive vocals of Martha Davis. The single topped Bilboard Rock Top Tracks chart in the U.S.

The Motels - Suddenly Last Summer - single cover

The music video was directed by the single’s producer Val Garay with cinematography by John Alonzo. The video depicts Martha Davis recalling a romantic encounter at the beach (with the love interest portrayed by American actor Robert Carradine) after an ice cream truck passes through her neighborhood; everyone else has a judging, stern expression both in the past and when she awakes back in the present.

“Suddenly Last Summer” remains a beloved track among fans of the band. Its combination of evocative lyrics, Martha Davis’s distinctive vocals, and the band’s musical craftsmanship contribute to its enduring appeal. The song showcases The Motels’ ability to create music that is both atmospheric and emotionally resonant, and it’s often regarded as a standout in their discography.

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