Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract

Paula Abdul – Opposites Attract

“Opposites Attract” is a song written by Oliver Leiber and recorded by American singer Paula Abdul, released on November 17, 1989 with “One or the Other” on the B-side as the sixth and final single from her debut album “Forever Your Girl.” The song is known for its catchy and upbeat pop and dance-pop sound. It combines elements of R&B and hip-hop and features Paula Abdul’s energetic vocals.

Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract -single cover

The lyrics of “Opposites Attract” revolve around the concept that opposites can attract in a romantic relationship. The song’s narrator expresses that despite their differences, she and her partner are drawn to each other.

The music video was directed by Candace Reckinger and Michael Patterson. It features Paula Abdul dancing with cartoon character MC Skat Kat.



The song was a commercial success, reaching #1 on the music charts in the United States, Canada and Australia. It received acclaim for its fun and playful lyrics and contributed to Paula Abdul’s success as a pop artist and choreographer.

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