Milli Vanilli

  • Milli Vanilli - Blame It On the Rain

    Milli Vanilli – Blame It On the Rain

    “Blame It On the Rain” is a pop song written by Diane Warren and produced by Frank Farian. It was released by Milli Vanilli in July 1989 with “Dance with a Devil” as the fourth single from their North American…

  • Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True

    Milli Vanilli – Girl You Know It’s True

    The song was written by Bill Pettaway Jr., Sean “DJ Spen” Spencer, Kevin Liles, Rodney “Kool Rod” Holloman and Ky Adeyemo. “Girl You Know It’s True” was originally recorded by Maryland-based group Numarx in 1987. The Milli Vanilli version of…

  • Milli Vanilli - Girl I'm Gonna Miss You

    Milli Vanilli – Girl I’m Gonna Miss You

    “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” is a pop ballad by the German-French duo Milli Vanilli. It was released in 1989 as a third single from their debut album “All Or Nothing” (“Girl You Know It’s True in the United States”).…