Elton John - Sacrifice

Elton John – Sacrifice

“Sacrifice” is a song by British singer-songwriter Elton John and lyricist Bernie Taupin, first released on October 23 1989 with “Love Is a Cannibal” on the B-side reaching only #55 in the UK Singles chart. The song was then re-released as a double A-side single along with “Healing Hands” and became one of Elton John’s most successful and beloved songs, earning critical acclaim and commercial success. Upon its release, “Sacrifice” achieved significant chart success around the world topping the singles charts in the UK and France. In the United States, it reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was included on his 1989 album, “Sleeping with the Past.”

Elton John - Sacrifice - Single Cover


“Sacrifice” is a heartfelt ballad that showcases Elton John’s emotive vocals and poignant songwriting. The song’s lyrics delve into themes of lost love, regret, and the pain of letting go. It expresses the emotions of a person who realizes the value of a past relationship and is willing to make sacrifices to rekindle that love. The track features a melodic piano-driven arrangement and a soaring chorus that amplifies the song’s emotional impact. Elton John’s powerful vocal performance, combined with the song’s heartfelt lyrics, creates a touching and memorable listening experience.

The accompanying music video for “Sacrifice” was directed by Alek Keshishian and starred supermodel Yasmeen Ghauri and singer-songwriter Chris Isaak

Over the years, “Sacrifice” has remained a favorite among Elton John’s fans and is often regarded as one of his signature songs. Its timeless appeal and emotional resonance have made it a staple in his live performances and a cherished classic in the world of contemporary pop ballads. “Sacrifice” is a testament to Elton John’s songwriting prowess and his ability to connect with audiences through heartfelt and relatable music. Its enduring popularity stands as a testament to its impact and the lasting legacy of Elton John as a legendary singer and songwriter.


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