Roxette - The Look

Roxette – The Look

“The Look” is a song by the Swedish pop-rock duo Roxette, written by their primary songwriter Per Gessle. It was released in January 1989 as the fourth single from their second studio album, “Look Sharp!”. The song is Roxette’s breakthrough hit and played a significant role in establishing their international success.

Roxette - The Look single cover

“The Look” is characterized by its catchy and upbeat pop-rock sound, featuring a memorable guitar riff, Marie Fredriksson’s distinctive vocals, and Per Gessle’s songwriting. The song’s production combines elements of rock and pop, creating an energetic and radio-friendly atmosphere. The lyrics of “The Look” convey themes of attraction and romance, with the narrator expressing the impact of a person’s gaze.

“The Look” became a commercial success, reaching the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States in 1989. It also performed well on charts in various other countries. Its catchy sound and Roxette’s dynamic performance resonated with audiences.

The music video was directed by Peter Heath and filmed in a studio in New York City.

“The Look” is often celebrated as one of Roxette’s signature hits and a classic of late 1980s pop-rock music. It played a pivotal role in launching their international career and remains a beloved track in their music catalog.

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