Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl

Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl

“Jessie’s Girl” is a song by Australian-American musician and actor Rick Springfield. It was released in February 1981 with “Carry Me Away” on the B-side as the lead single from his fifth studio album “Working Class Dog.” The song is one of Rick Springfield’s biggest hits and is celebrated for its catchy and relatable lyrics.

Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl  single cover

“Jessie’s Girl” is characterized by its upbeat rock sound, featuring electric guitars and Springfield’s energetic vocals. The song’s production creates a radio-friendly and memorable atmosphere. The lyrics of “Jessie’s Girl” convey themes of unrequited love and desire for someone who is in a relationship with a friend. The narrator expresses his longing for the woman, Jessie’s girl, and reflects on the frustration of not being with her.

“Jessie’s Girl” became one of Rick Springfield’s most popular and enduring hits. It won him a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. “Jessie’s Girl” received significant radio airplay and climbed the music charts, reaching #1 on the singles charts in the United States and Australias. The song’s relatable theme of unrequited love and its infectious melody struck a chord with audiences, making it a classic of 1980s rock music.

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