Rick Astley - Together Forever

Rick Astley – Together Forever

“Together Forever” is a song by English singer Rick Astley. It was released in January 1988 with “I’ll Never Set You Free” on th B-side as the fourth single from his debut album “Whenever You Need Somebody.” The song became a significant hit and contributed to Rick Astley’s rise to fame during the late 1980s. The single achieved significant commercial success, topping the singles charts around the world, including the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. Rick Astley’s youthful charm and the song’s pop sensibility resonated with audiences, helping him become one of the prominent artists of the late 1980s.


Rick Astley - Together Forever - Single Cover
Rick Astley – Together Forever – Single Cover

Rick Astley’s music is often associated with the “Stock Aitken Waterman” production team, which was known for producing a series of successful pop hits in the late 1980s. “Together Forever” is no exception, featuring a catchy and upbeat pop sound characterized by its danceable rhythm, electronic instrumentation, and Astley’s distinctive baritone voice. The music video for “Together Forever” features Astley dancing and singing amidst colorful backgrounds and playful visuals, contributing to the song’s energetic and fun vibe.

“Together Forever” remains a nostalgic favorite and is often associated with the pop music of its era. The song’s catchy melody and relatable lyrics have contributed to its lasting appeal, making it a recognizable part of Rick Astley’s musical legacy.


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