Madonna - True Blue

Madonna – True Blue

“True Blue” is a song by American singer Madonna, released on September 10, 1986 with “Ain’t No Big Deal” on the B-side as the title track and third single from her third studio album of the same name, “True Blue.” “True Blue” was a commercial success, reaching high positions on music charts in several countries. Its catchy hooks and Madonna’s charismatic performance contributed to its popularity.

Madonna - True Blue - single cover

The song is a lively and upbeat pop track that celebrates love and commitment. In “True Blue,” Madonna expresses her devotion and unwavering love for her partner. The song’s melody is cheerful and catchy, making it an uplifting and joyful anthem. The song is often regarded as one of Madonna’s classic hits from the 1980s, and its timeless message of love and loyalty continues to resonate with audiences.

The music video was directed by American director James Foley. It features Madonna with three dancers and a 1950s car in an all-blue diner. Sire Records decided to opt for a promotional device in the United States that would involve MTV viewers to make their own videos for “True Blue”. In the fall of 1986, MTV asked its viewers to submit their own videos. The contest was known as “Madonna’s ‘Make My Video’ Contest”. The winning entry was by Angel Gracia and Cliff Guest.



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