Madness - Our House

Madness – Our House

“Our House” by Madness is a classic song released on November 12 1982 as the first single from their fourth studio album “The Rise & Fall.” It was written by Madness members, by second lead vocalist Chas Smash and guitarist Chris Foreman. “Our House” is characterized by its infectious melody, lively horn section, and the distinctive vocals of lead singer Graham “Suggs” McPherson. The song’s production captures a sense of joy and nostalgia.

Madness - Our House - single cover


“Our House” was a significant commercial success. When it was released in 1982 the song performed very well on music charts. It reached the top ten in the United Kingdom and several other countries.

The song’s lyrics provide a charming glimpse into everyday family life, celebrating the routine and familiar moments that happen within a household. “Our House” is widely regarded as one of Madness’s signature songs and is remembered for its infectious melody and joyful atmosphere.


The music video for “Our House” features the band performing the song inside a house that’s literally split in two, showcasing different scenes and quirky characters. The band members perform with their instruments in the living room, as they prepare for work and school. The video includes exterior shots of other houses, such as the Playboy Mansion, Stocks House in Hertfordshire and Buckingham Palace.

Overall, “Our House” is a beloved hit from the 1980s that continues to be celebrated for its nostalgic and feel-good quality. It remains one of Madness’s most enduring and iconic tracks.

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