Limahl - Never Ending Story

Limahl – Never Ending Story

“Never Ending Story” is the title song from the English version of the 1984 fantasy film The NeverEnding Story based on the 1979 novel The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. The song was composed by Giorgio Moroder with lyrics by English pop musician Keith Forsey, and performed by former Kajagoogoo lead singer Limahl. As a reference to the film and its title, the song has no distinctive beginning, nor an end.

There were two versions of the song released: in English and in French (“L’Histoire Sans Fin”). The English version featured vocals by American singer Beth Anderson.

“Never Ending Story” was recorded in January 1984, and released on 25 July 1984 with “Ivory Tower” on the B-side. The single hit number one spot on the singles chart in Spain, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. It also topped Japanese Oricon International Singles Chart. In the United States, it peaked at #6 on Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks.

“The NeverEnding Story” not only fades out but also fades in, thus making it “never-ending”.