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Level 42 – Lessons In Love

“Lessons in Love” is a song by the British band Level 42. It was released in April 1986 with “Hot Water” (Live) on the B-side. It was written by Level 42 members Mark King and Rowland Charles Gould, along with French musician Wally Badarou. In 1987, it was included on their seventh studio album “Running in the Family.” Level 42 is known for their unique blend of pop, rock, and jazz-funk, and “Lessons in Love” is one of their most popular and enduring hits.

Level 42 - Lessons In Love - Single Cover


Upon its release, “Lessons in Love” achieved significant commercial success, reaching the top ten on various music charts, including the UK Singles Chart. In the United States, it peaked at #12 of Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The song’s catchy sound and engaging music video contributed to its popularity and success. The song features a lively and infectious melody, with Mark King’s distinctive bass playing being a prominent element in the track. “Lessons in Love” is characterized by its upbeat and danceable rhythm, catchy hooks, and memorable chorus. Lyrically, “Lessons in Love” touches upon themes of love and relationships, particularly the challenges and complexities that can arise when trying to navigate matters of the heart.

Level 42 was a prominent band in the 1980s and 1990s, with several other successful hits, including “Something About You” and “Running in the Family.” They are recognized for their skilled musicianship and Mark King’s unique slap bass style. “Lessons in Love” remains a fan favorite and a staple in Level 42’s live performances. Its catchy melody and upbeat energy have made it an enduring classic in the realm of ’80s pop and a signature song for the band.

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