Laura Branigan - Self Control

Laura Branigan – Self Control

“Self Control” by Laura Branigan is a song written by Italian producer and composer Giancarlo Bigazzi, first recorded by Italian singer Raf. That same year, “Self Control” was covered by American singer Laura Branigan. Branigan’s version was released as a lead single from her album of the same name. The song is characterized by its energetic and dance-pop sound, featuring a catchy melody, a pulsating electronic beat, and Laura Branigan’s powerful vocals. Both versions of the song were commercially successful across Europe during the summer of 1984.


Laura Branigan - Self Control - Single Cover

Branigan’s version topped the singles charts in numerous countries, including Canada and Germany. In the United States, it peaked at #4.


The music video was directed by William Friedki. The video drew controversy, and MTV requested some edits

Overall, “Self Control” remains a classic of 1980s pop music and is often celebrated for its danceable beat and Branigan’s dynamic vocal performance. It’s considered one of the standout tracks in Laura Branigan’s music catalog.

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