George Michael - Father Figure

George Michael – Father Figure

The song was written b British singer George Michael. It was released on December 28, 1987 as the lead single from his debut solo album, “Faith”. The song was a major hit, topping the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and reaching the top ten in numerous countries, incl. Australia, Canada and Spain. In the UK, it peaked at #11.

“Father Figure” is a soulful ballad that explores themes of love, lust, and longing. In the song, Michael sings about his desire to be a father figure to his lover, who he sees as vulnerable and in need of protection. The lyrics are deeply emotional and intimate, reflecting Michael’s skill as a songwriter. The song’s arrangement is also notable, featuring a slow, steady beat and a lush orchestral sound that complements Michael’s powerful vocals. The chorus is particularly memorable, with Michael’s soaring vocals and the backing choir creating a sense of grandeur and emotional intensity.

The music video for “Father Figure” is also iconic, featuring Michael a cab driver and high-fashion model (Tania Coleridge in a dramaticThe video was directed by acclaimed British music video and film director Andy Morahan and is considered one of the most visually stunning music videos of the 1980s. Michael and Andy won “Best Direction of a Video” at the 1988 MTV Video Music Awards for the video.

Overall, “Father Figure” is a classic love song that showcases George Michael’s talent as a songwriter and performer. Its emotional depth and powerful arrangement have helped it endure as one of Michael’s most beloved songs.

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