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Gazebo (Paul Mazzolini) is an Italian musician. He has a legend status among fans of the Italo disco music style, a variation of 1980s Eurodisco.Mazzolini was born in Beirut, Lebanon, the son of an Italian diplomat and an American singer. As a rather cosmopolitan teenager Mazzolini began a career in a variety of jazz, rock and punk bands before meeting Rome based producer Paul Micioni. The first release, Masterpiece, was a minor hit in 1982.



Gazebo’s footnote in pop history is his 1983 release “I like Chopin”, popular opinion notwithstanding, the piano motif herein is not a Chopin composition. The release sold 8 million copies worldwide and reached No. 1 of Italian charts along with 15 other countries. The follow-up song “Lunatic” and the eponymous album also entered the Top 20 across Europe.

Gazebo put up his own record label, Softworks, in 1997. Since then Gazebo has released more albums, not counting the occasional hit compilation with all his best track called Portrait & Viewpoint. In autumn 2006 he released a new single called “Tears for Galileo”, which achieved constant radio airplay on Italian RAI Radio2 and peaked at No. 1 in the Euro dance chart.

In 2008 The Syndrone an album including “Tears For Galileo”, “Virtual Love” and “Ladies!” A milestone project in which talents like Jerry Marotta and John Giblin were involved.On 24 May 2011 he released his new single “Queen Of Burlesque” on iTunes. The relative video on YouTube was shot by night in Rome and is dedicated to the great masters of Italian motion pictures from the past. On 2013 September 1st he released his first live album, I Like … Live!, with 21 songs spreading though three decades since 1982.


Gazebo Discography



1983 – Gazebo (Baby Records)
1984 – Telephone Mama (Baby Records)
1986 – Univision (Carosello)
1988 – The Rainbow Tales (Carosello)
1989 – Sweet Life (Carosello)
1991 – Scenes From The News Broadcast (Lunatic)
1994 – Portrait (Giungla-BMG Italy)
1997 – Viewpoint (Softworks)
2000 – Portrait & Viewpoint (Softworks)
2007 – Ladies! The Art Of Remixage (Softworks)
2008 – The Syndrone (Softworks)
2013 – I Like … Live! (Softworks)