David Lee Roth - California Girls

David Lee Roth – California Girls

“California Girls” is a rock song by David Lee Roth, originally written and performed by The Beach Boys (1965). David Lee Roth’s cover of the song was released on December 19, 1984 as a single from his debut solo recording – EP, “Crazy from the Heat.”


David Lee Roth - California Girls  -single cover

In his rendition, Roth adds his own rock and pop twist to the classic tune while maintaining the song’s celebratory spirit. The track features Roth’s signature energetic vocal style and prominent guitar work, giving it a dynamic and charismatic feel.

The lyrics of the song pay homage to the beauty and diversity of women across the United States, with a particular focus on the appeal of California girls. “California Girls” captures the essence of carefree summer days and the allure of the West Coast.


Roth’s cover received significant airplay and attention. The song’s energetic and fun rendition by Roth, along with its ties to the iconic Beach Boys original, contributed to its commercial popularity. It performed well on music charts (#1 in South Africa, #2 in Canada, and #3 in the United States) and received positive feedback from both fans and critics. David Lee Roth’s version of “California Girls” is considered one of his signature solo tracks and remains a favorite among rock and pop music enthusiasts.

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