Chaka Khan - I Feel for You

Chaka Khan – I Feel for You

“I Feel for You” is a classic R&B and dance-pop song originally recorded by Prince in 1979 for his self-titled album. However, it was Chaka Khan’s cover version of the song that achieved significant success. Chaka Khan’s rendition was released as a single in 1984 and became one of her biggest hits.

Chaka Khan - I Feel for You - Single Cover

Chaka Khan’s version of “I Feel for You” features a fusion of various musical styles, including R&B, funk, and hip-hop. The song incorporates elements of rap performed by Melle Mel, and it was one of the first songs to prominently feature rap in a mainstream pop context. The track also showcases Chaka Khan’s powerful and soulful vocals, with her signature flair and vocal range. The song’s catchy and instantly recognizable melody, along with its infectious rhythm and vibrant production, helped it become a massive hit. “I Feel for You” reached the top of the charts in several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It also won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Song in 1985.


The music video was directed by filmmaker ane Simpson. It featured Khaka working in a club with female dancers. As rap music and breakdancing were gaining popularity in mainstream pop culture at the time, the song was released and proved a success, so another version of the video, in an inner-city courtyard setting, was created.


Chaka Khan’s version of “I Feel for You” featured a supporting cast including rapping from Melle Mel (of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five) and chromatic harmonica playing by Stevie Wonder. The song also uses vocal samples from Wonder’s song “Fingertips” (1963)

“I Feel for You” is regarded as one of Chaka Khan’s signature songs and remains a beloved classic in her discography. Its blend of different musical genres, memorable hooks, and Chaka Khan’s remarkable vocal performance have contributed to its enduring popularity. The song’s impact also extends beyond Chaka Khan’s career, as it played a crucial role in introducing rap to a broader audience and influencing the development of pop music in the 1980s.


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