Black - Wonderful Life

Black – Wonderful Life

“Wonderful Life” is a song by the English singer-songwriter Black (Colin Vearncombe). It was released ase the lead single from his 1987 debut album of the same name. The single was first released in 1986 with “Birthday Night” on the B-side by Ugly Man Records peaking only at no. 72 on the UK Singles Chart. Vearncombe decided to re-release the song with a new record company, A&M Records after the success of “Sweetest Smile”. It was rereleased in summer of 1987 (this time with “Life Calls” on the B-side). The song became a hit topping the singles chart in Austria, and reaching the top ten in multiple countries, including Germany (#2) and UK (#8).

The music video was directed by Gerard de Thame and won an award at the New York Film Festival in 1988. It was filmed around the English seaside resort of Southport, Merseyside, as well as Wallasey near Black’s hometown of Liverpool, and features New Brighton Lighthouse and promenade.

Musically, “Wonderful Life” is a lush and atmospheric pop ballad, featuring a combination of orchestral instrumentation and electronic elements. The song’s soaring melody, emotive vocals, and atmospheric production help to convey the song’s sense of wonder and beauty.

The song’s lyrics are a reflection on life’s ups and downs, with the narrator acknowledging the hardships and struggles of life, but ultimately finding hope and beauty in the world around him. The song’s chorus, which repeats the phrase “It’s a wonderful life”, has become a beloved and inspirational anthem, reminding listeners to appreciate the simple joys of life.

Overall, “Wonderful Life” is a classic pop song that has become a beloved and inspirational anthem. Its beautiful melody, emotive lyrics, and atmospheric production have helped it endure as a timeless classic of the 1980s pop era.

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