a-ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV

a-ha – The Sun Always Shines on TV

“The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” is a song by the Norwegian synth-pop band a-ha. The song was written by Pål Waaktaar. It was released in December 1985 with “Driftwood” on the B-side as the second (the third in Norway) single from their debut album, “Hunting High and Low.” The song is one of a-ha’s most well-known hits and is celebrated for its evocative sound and atmospheric music video.


a-ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV - single cover

“The Sun Always Shines on TV” is characterized by its synth-pop and new wave style, featuring a combination of synthesizers and guitars, along with Morten Harket’s distinct vocals. The song’s production creates a dramatic and emotionally charged atmosphere. The lyrics of the song convey themes of longing, missed opportunities, and the desire to escape the mundane aspects of life. The narrator expresses a sense of yearning and the hope that the sun will always shine on television, symbolizing a desire for a better life:

The music video for “The Sun Always Shines on TV” was directedd by Steve Barron . It is notable for its cinematic quality and visual storytelling. It features scenes of the band performing in a snowy landscape and incorporates themes of a stage performance within the video.

The song was a commercial success, reaching high positions on music charts in multiple countries, including #1 in the UK and Ireland. It solidified a-ha’s status as a prominent synth-pop band of the 1980s and remains one of their signature tracks.


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